Dan Davis | General Manager

Dan's  operational acumen has lead Whistler Exhibits for over 18 years in the Vancouver and Whistler venues. His  abilities were acquired over his career in Canada's and the US major centres. Dan has successfully executed numerous roles and projects as installation project management and general display service supplier. 

Kim J-Davis | Sales Manager

KIm's solution based approach in qualifying program and event planning are fueled by skills ranging from developing revenue driven site uses, overseeing the service delivery and managerial duties . Her seasoned customer service will be  an asset to any program.


  • Exhibitor Appointed Installation Services in Vancouver
  • Official display services supplier to the Whistler Conference Centre since 2002.
  • Preferred Service Partner to Whistlers conference service suppliers.


Joanna MacAlister | Event Manager

Joanna has been instrumental in the growth and expansion of the display and installation service offerings with her 10 years of customer service delivery, operational planning and supervision. Joanna's tireless calm, bright sense of humour and ironclad skills are the axiom of her ongoing success at producing events.

Kim Fournel | Services Coordiator

Kim's vast and varied training enables her aquired skills to perform at the height of efficiency. Her focus on the details and the timing while ensuring the service delivery is an intregral component of a productive show experience.



To be regarded by our customers, service partners, hosting facilities as the most dependable and resourceful service supplier.

To bring integrity, experience, skills and good humour to each project.

To supply the best qualified team of people to suit every program.

To enable  the long term success of the customers, facilities, and service partners by the means of service excellence.

To offer a full range of the highest quality display and conference equipment.

To offer competitive services and pricing to foster rebooking by conference organisations and exhibit programs.

At Whistler Exhibits inception in 1997, this I&D company was taking shape with wily and efficient exhibit installation services.  It comprised of Dan Davis and a dozen installers, tools, ladders and a customer service culture bound for recognition.

As the North American market expanded, so did the Whistler Exhibits team:  servicing exhibitor programs from Vancouver to Toronto and Seattle to Orlando.  The Whistler Exhibits Project Manager, Lead Installers and Installers sought out by Exhibitor Appointed Contractors gathered a plethora of experience and engendered relationships nationwide while being representatives of the resort and its legendary lifestyle.

Whistler Exhibits took on its first trade show in the resort, as general show  contractor in September 1998.  The stage was set for Dan and his third generation trade show industry acumen, to implement procedures and services to rival any of the larger market suppliers, creating a unique feature in the mountain business community.

Now known as the Whistler Official and selected for its reputed service offerings, WSS remains intent on implemeting it's objectives while facilitating a productive show experience.